For legal reasons, we require a prescription to ship medicines to all countries. You will be asked to upload a copy on the checkout page. If you don’t have a prescription, you can get one easily online from one of our expert doctors such as FixHepC’s founder, Dr. James Freeman. The cost of this service is 30 USD which can be added to your medication order total during checkout, or ordered first by clicking here. If you order it, the doctor will contact you to learn all the details of your medical condition, then write a correct prescription for you. Soon after, it will be emailed to you and automatically entered it into your medicines order, and your order will be shipped.

In the very rare event the doctor is not able to write you a prescription, you will be refunded 100% of your total payment for medicines and prescription.

*Please note that the prescription service is not available to the following countries because their laws require a prescription from a local doctor : Brazil, Cambodia, China, Montenegro, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand (NZ law requires a Medsafe prescription from a local doctor).